Please note you are eligible for membership at Enterprise Credit Union if you live or work in the Boroughs of Knowsley, Liverpool and St Helens. Please only complete this form if you have never held an account with Enterprise Credit Union.

If you have held an Account at any time with Enterprise Credit Union please contact us directly and we will inform you of the process require to reactivate your account. Please complete all your details in the form below and click submit when you have finished and we will be in touch shortly. Thank You

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I hereby apply for membership of and agree to abide by the rules of Enterprise Credit Union ltd. I declare that the information given on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my main account must hold a minimum of £5.00 at all times. I agree that the personal information on this form, and other information collected and held by the credit union, can be stored on paper or electronically. All information is held in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, and in the strictest confidence.

By clicking in the signature box below a tick will be inserted which will represent your electronic signature. As part of the sign up for membership we will be required to run a identify and verification check. If, for any reason, we are unable to verify your identity we will get in touch to arrange for you to provide us with your identity documents to complete the sign up process.

Thank you for applying for membership with Enterprise Credit Union. We will contact you in due course with a decision on your application.